Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trent's First Haircut

Yes, it was time. When he was walking down the hall at church last week and his hair was hitting his shoulders Jason put his foot down. So Trent and I took a trip to see our friend Sandie to have his first hair cut. Below is the bfore and the after.
He sat so still through the whole hair cut.

Doesnt he look like Ian/Jason now?? I am still getting used to it but he looks great.

Ashland and Trent

Ashland and Trent are always dancing and playing together and every time I take it picture it turns out horrible. In this picture they were sitting on the couch reading to each other. They were playing so good taking turns and listening to each other. Of course the picture does not do it justice. It is hard to show how cute they play together.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

How We Got Ready for Halloween, and Haloween

A new tradition was started by our friends Matt and Erin. They came over and made Haunted Houses with the kids. Matt said it was so Erin had an excuse to buy more cnady. But they all had fun. For some reason I was unable to upload the picture of Trent.
Ian and his Haunted House
Erin and Brynn

Jason had to carve a crazy pumpkin for Ian. I wont show you mine there is nothing too special about triangle eyes and circle nose and the traditional mouth.

We went Trick or Treating with a group of friends here they all are

Here are the kids, Brynn was a cheerleader, Trent a lion, and Ian a storm trooper.