Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trent and Savannah

This is typical Trent and Savannah playing. After breakfast and before morning nap we spend an hour or so on the floor playing. They share pretty well and it is fun to see Savannah get a big handful of Trent's hair- he does not scream he lets her. Boy those curls are fun for her to pull.

What does 15 lbs of Raspberries Make?

40 Jars of jam, plus 3 bags in the freezer for making smoothies! Yes our kitchen survived. This was me and Jasons first attempt of making non-freezer jam. They look good. We are excited to can pears this fall.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pink Eye Again!

Look who has it now!

4th of July

Happy 4th! We had a very casual family day. We woke up and ate a yummy braided breakfast bread filled with cream cheese and raspberries. Then Erin and I took Brynn and Ian to the Hillsboro Parade. We saw everything form the Hil Hi Marching Band to the Ghost Busters Car. Brynn loved the horses and and Ian was a very active candy chaser. I was proud to have caught a peparoni stick this year! Yippee. We had such a great day.

Aunt stick insited that the kids try the Pop Rocks right way, so before lunch they began reaping the rewards of their Parade candy.

Ian had green apple Pop Rocks and thougth they were amazing.

Trent having Pop Rocks for the first time. He LOVED them!

BBQ and Nanna's with games of Croquet and Bocce Ball. Sorry I did not get any good pictures of any or it. In this picture you can see Brynn running off and Damien and Kelsey have teamed up to win the croquet match.

Our evening ended with Fireworks! Daddy/Uncle Jason lead the kids in Pop It's and sparklers and then put on a show in the driveway.

This is What Trent Wakes Up For

This summer I am watching Savannah, my niece while her mom is teaching summer school. Trent LOVES that we watch her. He wakes up in the morning asking for "T-Nanna" Let me rephrase that little he wakes up 30- 45 minutes before Savannah's arrival asking for her. The part is that it puts him in a really good mood. He is not the only one it puts in a good mood. It also puts Brynn (who wakes up horribly!) in a good mood. Brynn loves to come down stairs and play with Baby Savannah right away. We are all really enjoying having Savannah around. She is a super cutie and really easy going.