Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Much To Post

We have had such a busy summer. I have been bad about posting so here is a quick run down of what we have been up to. This weekend Ian swam in the 10 & Under Sate Meet. He placed 2nd in his heat and had a best time. Below is a picture of him just after Jason shaved his head the night before.

On Wednesday nights the kids compete in track meets. Ian has won the 1500 and 800 every week so far. Brynn does well in the 50 hurdles (placing in the top 3 every week) and Trent took home is first ribbon (one that was not a participation) this last week. He place 3rd in the 50 meter dash. He starts like shown below for every race. All the other kids start standing. He is such a crack up. Even funnier is to watch him do the hurdles. He runs to the hurdle and then puts his hands on it to climb over. Super cute!

Brynn and Ian have been participating in the Hillsboro Track Club. Here is their team picture. Brynn is in the front row and Ian is above her in the second row.

We spent the 4th at the coast with our good friends the Teagues and Nys. We had a blast. The weather even cooperated. This is the kids at an activity in the afternoon. Harper's not shown becasue I was wearing her in the baby sling, but yes her dress matches Brynn's.

Brynn taking a water break at soccer camp. I know she is thirsty because by 10am it was already 80 outside- she is not hot from playing... Her and her team walked after the ball it was slow motion soccer. It was funny to watch.

Papa John holds Harper and everyone climbs on!

Trent thinks he is Spider Man and is constantly dressing up in this costume. However he insist on wearing the mask upside down and usually on boot on upside down as well.

With a little help Harper will sit on her own. She smiles at us a lot. Usually in the morning after her diaper change and nursing. I have tried to get pictures but all she does is look and wonder at the camera. Ian has been able to get her to squeal so we know laughs are coming soon.