Friday, August 29, 2008

Peaches and Pears Oh My!

I have started following in my mothers footsteps and began canning. Today we picked 97 lbs of peaches and pears, and this was our second trip to pick. The first time we picked we canned applesauce and peaches. However, today the kids and I went out to the U-Pick farm and went crazy. It is kind of hard to manage what they are all picking while I am picking myself. We will be prepared for the winter.

Harper had a first today... she rolled over twice! Jason was on the floor with her after she rolled over the second time and he was trying to get her knees up into the crawling position. One step at a time Daddy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

100 Degrees

Yesterday I took the kids out to Wilsonville to play in a splash park. We went with our friends the Mickelsens. The kids played for 3 hours. The amazing part was there were no meltdowns! The water was a little cold and a little too quick moving for Harper so she hung out in one of her swim suits in the shade. The splash park was great! The had waterfalls, a shallow river, and areas where to water came out of the ground.
Harper had her first swim in the pool this week. This was about as deep as she went. Trent was anxious to teach her back floats. She did not hate the water but she did not squeel either. It was a nice change for her usaully she sits on my lap next to the pool showcasing her variety of swim suits. With us being a swimming family Harper received many swim suits for this summer. It has been fun to dress her in them. Now it is fun that we are using them.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still No Smile Pics

OK, so I still can not catch a smile on camera but she does. When I am cooking or canning Harper is usually busy in the saucer. She was smiling until I took out the camera to take this picture. I did have her picture professionally taken in the Chili Pepper costume (all of the kids have had their pictures taken in it at about the same age), and yes she smiled for the photographer. I will keep working on it for you.
Not too much is going on around here. Ian did Cub Scout Camp last week. He had a great time. I was told he did great at archery. Camp had a pirate them. Ian made a treasure chest and is working with gimp.

Last Thursday Trent began with the flu. And over the weekend it passed through all of us. Jason and I went on a date to the movies Saturday night and we got the call the Brynn has tossed her dinner. We are lucky to love by Grandma Ali and she came and got Brynn. We went to see Dark Knight at teh I Max in Tualatin. We went with another couple and did not drive. We were glad to not miss the end of the movie.

We are in a slow routine for us. No swim team for anyone- including Jason. Ian has soccer and cub scouts. Brynn is on a break from both spwach therapy programs for a month. She has just been very social with a bunch of birthday parties. Trent is enjoying having his siblings home to cause trouble with him. I will have to take them on more trips to the pool to keep them busy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ian was baptized yesterday. We held a huge celebration at our clubhouse after. I think that we had more than 50 people there. It was so wonderful to see how many people support Ian and will be there for him if he ever needs them. Ian will be starting cub scouts and will be at camp next week. Thankfully for me just day camp. He already went on a 4 day trip down that John Day River with my Uncle Scott. I do not think I could have him gone again. I can not believe all of the big things he does now!

Brynn is off swimming with Jason right now. She is getting ready to be on swim team with Ian this fall.

Trent is a spit fire! He keeps me on my toes, but he is also the most wonderful huggie boy too.

Harper has a small cold and I think she has passed it on to me. But she is well. I think she will start to roll soon. Jason put her crib bedding in this weekend! She has finally moved in to 3-6 month size clothing. She and Ian have a doctor appointment next week we will see how much she has grown.