Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothing picture worthy...

So not a lot is happening aound here. The weather keeps kidding us with a little snow but not enough to do anything with. We have been going about our weekly routine as usual. We did end up putting Ian back in public school. After all of our Charter school options fell through we started taking a closer look at the local public school and they were using the same books that I was home schooling Ian with. We will see how it goes. We may go back ot homeschooling in the fall which will give me time to look for a better curriculum. I have enjoyed the history that we have been doing so we will continue that.

Ian had a swim meet this weekend. Yes that is picture worthy however I never seem to get good swimming shots. He got best times in ALL of his events. He is getting "B" times and is close to an "A" time in his 50 yard breaststroke. Jason and I made a deal with him that if he got a "A" time we would buy him a Wii. I am rooting for him- I want guitar hero. Not that I will have time to play once Harper arrives.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'll fill you in

OK so here is a quick run down on what's been going on.
#1 Trent turned 2! We had a Cookie Monster party for him with ice cream cake. Yummy. Then we took him swimming and he had a great time. We came home and ate nachos and the next morning Jason made him funnel cakes for breakfast.

#2 Trent's actual birthday was on a Sunday. It was a big one for us because Trent was offically 2, Brynn entered primary as a Sunbeam, and Ian is now in Senior Primary. I can not believe how big they are all getting.

#3 Baby girl now has a name... Harper Carrie Moore! Jason and the kids are stuck on the name. I keep suggesting other options but none of them will waiver. However, if she come out looking like a Bob then I will name her Bob. Let's hope she looks like a Harper.

#4 Brynn is now in swimming M/W/F mornings and taking Hip Hop Dance on Tuesdays. Ian is still on swim team. He really enjoys swimming the 100's vs the 25's I think he will be a distance swimmer. He will do a flag football camp in March.

#5 Ian may start public school again... Pregnacy is begining to drain me and I need a new curriculum. He may do public school to finish out the school year and that will give me time to look for a new curriculum. No decisions are final.