Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch! We had good weather and a great time. Trent loved the train ride out the the pumpkin patch and Ian and Brynn loved the boat ride back. We even saw a dragon and a shark pop out of the water!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Harper is 6 months

Harper is now 6 months. We took her in for her check up and she is 14 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long! She is in the 25% for most things. She is moving up. I bought some baby oatmeal that I will start with her tonight. I am not looking forward to the change in the diapers. It is so hard for me to see her growing up. She is such a joy we are so lucky to have her in our family.

Monday, September 29, 2008


So apparently Brynn has been in trouble a lot. The other day Trent got mad at me and said
"Mommy Asher Moore"

A few days later I asked him what my name was and he said Kim. I then asked him what my last name was and he said "nursey"- this is becasue when I am going to nurse Harper I ask her if she is ready for nursey.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I know it took me forever, but I am now on Facebook so look me up. I am much better about checking there for messages. Plus I find it easier to post pictures so I have been doing a better job about getting pics there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Franklin's Wedding

Our friend Franklin got married on Friday. Here is a picture of the kids and myself. Ian's expression cracked me up, and Brynn's eyes were pretty funny too. We got teased a lot that evening because we were all in orange except for Harper who was in pink. It is not that easy to find an orange baby dress. The kids were the life of the party tearing it up on the dance floor.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harper's Smile

Yes, I know this is Jason smiling. I did get a picture of Harper smiling it is on my Facebook page. I did not turn it when I uploaded it so if I would have posted it her it would be sideways. So check it out on face book. It is a picture of me holding Harper and that is apparently the key- I have to hold her:) But look how handsome my hubby is when he smiles.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Peaches and Pears Oh My!

I have started following in my mothers footsteps and began canning. Today we picked 97 lbs of peaches and pears, and this was our second trip to pick. The first time we picked we canned applesauce and peaches. However, today the kids and I went out to the U-Pick farm and went crazy. It is kind of hard to manage what they are all picking while I am picking myself. We will be prepared for the winter.

Harper had a first today... she rolled over twice! Jason was on the floor with her after she rolled over the second time and he was trying to get her knees up into the crawling position. One step at a time Daddy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

100 Degrees

Yesterday I took the kids out to Wilsonville to play in a splash park. We went with our friends the Mickelsens. The kids played for 3 hours. The amazing part was there were no meltdowns! The water was a little cold and a little too quick moving for Harper so she hung out in one of her swim suits in the shade. The splash park was great! The had waterfalls, a shallow river, and areas where to water came out of the ground.
Harper had her first swim in the pool this week. This was about as deep as she went. Trent was anxious to teach her back floats. She did not hate the water but she did not squeel either. It was a nice change for her usaully she sits on my lap next to the pool showcasing her variety of swim suits. With us being a swimming family Harper received many swim suits for this summer. It has been fun to dress her in them. Now it is fun that we are using them.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still No Smile Pics

OK, so I still can not catch a smile on camera but she does. When I am cooking or canning Harper is usually busy in the saucer. She was smiling until I took out the camera to take this picture. I did have her picture professionally taken in the Chili Pepper costume (all of the kids have had their pictures taken in it at about the same age), and yes she smiled for the photographer. I will keep working on it for you.
Not too much is going on around here. Ian did Cub Scout Camp last week. He had a great time. I was told he did great at archery. Camp had a pirate them. Ian made a treasure chest and is working with gimp.

Last Thursday Trent began with the flu. And over the weekend it passed through all of us. Jason and I went on a date to the movies Saturday night and we got the call the Brynn has tossed her dinner. We are lucky to love by Grandma Ali and she came and got Brynn. We went to see Dark Knight at teh I Max in Tualatin. We went with another couple and did not drive. We were glad to not miss the end of the movie.

We are in a slow routine for us. No swim team for anyone- including Jason. Ian has soccer and cub scouts. Brynn is on a break from both spwach therapy programs for a month. She has just been very social with a bunch of birthday parties. Trent is enjoying having his siblings home to cause trouble with him. I will have to take them on more trips to the pool to keep them busy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ian was baptized yesterday. We held a huge celebration at our clubhouse after. I think that we had more than 50 people there. It was so wonderful to see how many people support Ian and will be there for him if he ever needs them. Ian will be starting cub scouts and will be at camp next week. Thankfully for me just day camp. He already went on a 4 day trip down that John Day River with my Uncle Scott. I do not think I could have him gone again. I can not believe all of the big things he does now!

Brynn is off swimming with Jason right now. She is getting ready to be on swim team with Ian this fall.

Trent is a spit fire! He keeps me on my toes, but he is also the most wonderful huggie boy too.

Harper has a small cold and I think she has passed it on to me. But she is well. I think she will start to roll soon. Jason put her crib bedding in this weekend! She has finally moved in to 3-6 month size clothing. She and Ian have a doctor appointment next week we will see how much she has grown.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Much To Post

We have had such a busy summer. I have been bad about posting so here is a quick run down of what we have been up to. This weekend Ian swam in the 10 & Under Sate Meet. He placed 2nd in his heat and had a best time. Below is a picture of him just after Jason shaved his head the night before.

On Wednesday nights the kids compete in track meets. Ian has won the 1500 and 800 every week so far. Brynn does well in the 50 hurdles (placing in the top 3 every week) and Trent took home is first ribbon (one that was not a participation) this last week. He place 3rd in the 50 meter dash. He starts like shown below for every race. All the other kids start standing. He is such a crack up. Even funnier is to watch him do the hurdles. He runs to the hurdle and then puts his hands on it to climb over. Super cute!

Brynn and Ian have been participating in the Hillsboro Track Club. Here is their team picture. Brynn is in the front row and Ian is above her in the second row.

We spent the 4th at the coast with our good friends the Teagues and Nys. We had a blast. The weather even cooperated. This is the kids at an activity in the afternoon. Harper's not shown becasue I was wearing her in the baby sling, but yes her dress matches Brynn's.

Brynn taking a water break at soccer camp. I know she is thirsty because by 10am it was already 80 outside- she is not hot from playing... Her and her team walked after the ball it was slow motion soccer. It was funny to watch.

Papa John holds Harper and everyone climbs on!

Trent thinks he is Spider Man and is constantly dressing up in this costume. However he insist on wearing the mask upside down and usually on boot on upside down as well.

With a little help Harper will sit on her own. She smiles at us a lot. Usually in the morning after her diaper change and nursing. I have tried to get pictures but all she does is look and wonder at the camera. Ian has been able to get her to squeal so we know laughs are coming soon.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Soccer Crazy

This week and last week we have been crazy busy with soccer camps. Ian participated in the Bernie Faggen camp last week. He attended M-F for 6 hours a day. He is a trooper he still participated in every swim practice and track practice. This week it is Brynn's turn. She is doing a little soccer practice through parks and rec. Today was her first day and she was loving it. Poor Trent, he is not old enough this summer. Lucky for him he gets to participate in the track meets on Wednesday nights. I will try to get some pictures of it this week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"A" Time

Today Ian got his A time in the 50 breast. He is now offically qualified for the 10 and Under Long Course State meet. He was so excited. Jason was at the meet with him and after his swim Ian called me to tell me. Then when I picked him up from a friends house the first thing he said to me when he got in the car was " Mom, I got an A time. I am an A swimmer now." Jason said he even had watery eyes watching Ian swim and knowing that he was swimming fast enough to get his time. Ian crushed the time by over a second. Ian had swam the time at practice a few time and has an A time in the 25 fly as well, but getting the A time in the 50 Breast at a meet had been his challenge. Great Job Ian!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Harper's Blessing

Harper was blessed on June 2. We had many friends and family present it was wonderful. Here is a picture of our family, the Nys Family, The Millers, The Teagues, as well as my mother, brother and sister and Jason's brother and neice.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Months Old

Harper is now 2 months. She went in for her check up this week. She is 9 lbs 10 oz. Even though she is little she is growing. She also moved out of the 5% tile to the 10th. Jason started calling her peanut when we were in the hospital and I think he got it right.

Ian is a 3rd grader! Wow that is hard to say. He loved his teacher this year and is having a hard time moving on. He has been very emotional this week. We have decided to try his school agian in the fall and re-evaluate in early November. If he is not being challenged we will go back to homeschooling and he will remain there. I should be able to do it well with Harper being older.

Brynn is on a few week vacation from both of her speach therapy programs. The one I take her to in down town PDX is relocating (even further from us), so there is a 2 week break. We got lots of homework and that is keeping us busy.

Bubba is just like Harper, along for the ride. He enjoys being around his siblings so much. He is going to love summer and having Ian home.

Next week Ian start track club. He will do that along with swimming for the next 7 weeks. He also has one week where he does soccer camp from 10- 3 then swim then track. He will be tired. Brynn will do a soccer camp the following week.

We have 2 trips to the coast planned. Ian will be celebrating his 8th birthday, and Ian will be baptized the first Saturday in Aug. Lots of things for me to keep you posted on.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boogers and Mother's Day

Saturday night our family was having a movie night we were all snuggled in on the couch watching "Enchanted" and munching on pop corn. When Jason sees Trent picking his nose- "Gross Trent don't do that!" Ian is quick to respond that Trent is trying to get the pop corn kernals out of his nose. "WHAT!!!"

Anyway to make a long story short I call my mom and Harper, Trent, Grandma and I go to the emergency room. Lucky me Trent was scared of the nurse who wanted to take the first look so he cried. One pop corn kernal came out. We still had one in the other nostril. The ER doctor we saw was great. He explained to me that we could use this nasty suction thing to get it out or we could try an old fashioned trick where we plug the clear nostril and I give him a "Big Kiss" I opted for the kiss. After one mouth to mouth puff- we had two clear nostils. Happy Mother's Day came early for me- Trent gave me a big kiss.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 9, 2008

So after typing about how I was not in labor yet on my last posting contractions began. Yipee! By ten after 8 my contractions started going every 10 minutes. We had Jason's dad come watch the house of sleeping kids while we headed off to the hospital. We arrived about 9:30 and at 11:18 Harper Carrie Moore entered the world at 6 lbs 1 oz 18 3/4 inches long. I am sure you are now asking yourself why is there no picture with this posting? The answer is simple. I am computer dumb and every time I try to add one it tells me pop up blocked. Jason said he would fix it but has not yet. Hopefully soon. She is however posted on the Thunderbolt swim team web site. I think the team was excited about the possibility of a Moore relay:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Baby Yet

I know that I should be better about posting especially since I have been on bed rest. What can I say...

Things around here are going pretty much the same. Brynn is swimming 4 days a week. Ian swims 3. Trent, Brynn and I have been swimming during open swim while Ian is practicing on Mondays. Yes even at the HUGE size that I am I still put on a suit. Trust me it is not pretty.

Jason is working and just got a raise! Yipee! Basically a cost of living increase so it's not much. But we'll take it. He even got free Blazer tickets this week at work so he and Ian will be going to the game Saturday night.

The baby waiting game is killing us. I have been having bad, bad, head aches. Nothing seems to help them. Hopefully they will go away when the baby is born. I have an appointment on Firday I will talk to my doctor about them. I am also going to have her check me to see if I am making progress. Last week I was thinning and dilated to 1.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trent is Potty Trained!

Horray for me! Trent is potty trained! He woke up last Monday and would not put a diaper on, and from that point on started putting his pee pee in the potty. He looks so skinny now with out a diaper bum. He is even to the point now where he does not want a reward after each deposit.

The rest of us have been up to the usual. Brynn is swimming at Conestoga on M/W/F mornings and dancing on Tuesday evenings. Ian is swimming and this week he took a science class on volcanos and earthquakes.

Friday we will leave for Astoria for the weekend. Jason is hoping to eat at the Wet Dog again. The kids are excited tto ride the trolly.

I am doing good. I am having some good contractions but nothing regular. I am getting to the point where I dont sleep at night. I guess my body is just getting ready for #4.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blowing Noses

Trent is learning to blow his nose. His new thing is to squat as he blows. He looks hillarious but he actually blows out. Then he has to show me his "icky" One of the perks of motherhood that most people dont tell you about.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothing picture worthy...

So not a lot is happening aound here. The weather keeps kidding us with a little snow but not enough to do anything with. We have been going about our weekly routine as usual. We did end up putting Ian back in public school. After all of our Charter school options fell through we started taking a closer look at the local public school and they were using the same books that I was home schooling Ian with. We will see how it goes. We may go back ot homeschooling in the fall which will give me time to look for a better curriculum. I have enjoyed the history that we have been doing so we will continue that.

Ian had a swim meet this weekend. Yes that is picture worthy however I never seem to get good swimming shots. He got best times in ALL of his events. He is getting "B" times and is close to an "A" time in his 50 yard breaststroke. Jason and I made a deal with him that if he got a "A" time we would buy him a Wii. I am rooting for him- I want guitar hero. Not that I will have time to play once Harper arrives.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'll fill you in

OK so here is a quick run down on what's been going on.
#1 Trent turned 2! We had a Cookie Monster party for him with ice cream cake. Yummy. Then we took him swimming and he had a great time. We came home and ate nachos and the next morning Jason made him funnel cakes for breakfast.

#2 Trent's actual birthday was on a Sunday. It was a big one for us because Trent was offically 2, Brynn entered primary as a Sunbeam, and Ian is now in Senior Primary. I can not believe how big they are all getting.

#3 Baby girl now has a name... Harper Carrie Moore! Jason and the kids are stuck on the name. I keep suggesting other options but none of them will waiver. However, if she come out looking like a Bob then I will name her Bob. Let's hope she looks like a Harper.

#4 Brynn is now in swimming M/W/F mornings and taking Hip Hop Dance on Tuesdays. Ian is still on swim team. He really enjoys swimming the 100's vs the 25's I think he will be a distance swimmer. He will do a flag football camp in March.

#5 Ian may start public school again... Pregnacy is begining to drain me and I need a new curriculum. He may do public school to finish out the school year and that will give me time to look for a new curriculum. No decisions are final.