Monday, June 30, 2008

Soccer Crazy

This week and last week we have been crazy busy with soccer camps. Ian participated in the Bernie Faggen camp last week. He attended M-F for 6 hours a day. He is a trooper he still participated in every swim practice and track practice. This week it is Brynn's turn. She is doing a little soccer practice through parks and rec. Today was her first day and she was loving it. Poor Trent, he is not old enough this summer. Lucky for him he gets to participate in the track meets on Wednesday nights. I will try to get some pictures of it this week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"A" Time

Today Ian got his A time in the 50 breast. He is now offically qualified for the 10 and Under Long Course State meet. He was so excited. Jason was at the meet with him and after his swim Ian called me to tell me. Then when I picked him up from a friends house the first thing he said to me when he got in the car was " Mom, I got an A time. I am an A swimmer now." Jason said he even had watery eyes watching Ian swim and knowing that he was swimming fast enough to get his time. Ian crushed the time by over a second. Ian had swam the time at practice a few time and has an A time in the 25 fly as well, but getting the A time in the 50 Breast at a meet had been his challenge. Great Job Ian!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Harper's Blessing

Harper was blessed on June 2. We had many friends and family present it was wonderful. Here is a picture of our family, the Nys Family, The Millers, The Teagues, as well as my mother, brother and sister and Jason's brother and neice.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Months Old

Harper is now 2 months. She went in for her check up this week. She is 9 lbs 10 oz. Even though she is little she is growing. She also moved out of the 5% tile to the 10th. Jason started calling her peanut when we were in the hospital and I think he got it right.

Ian is a 3rd grader! Wow that is hard to say. He loved his teacher this year and is having a hard time moving on. He has been very emotional this week. We have decided to try his school agian in the fall and re-evaluate in early November. If he is not being challenged we will go back to homeschooling and he will remain there. I should be able to do it well with Harper being older.

Brynn is on a few week vacation from both of her speach therapy programs. The one I take her to in down town PDX is relocating (even further from us), so there is a 2 week break. We got lots of homework and that is keeping us busy.

Bubba is just like Harper, along for the ride. He enjoys being around his siblings so much. He is going to love summer and having Ian home.

Next week Ian start track club. He will do that along with swimming for the next 7 weeks. He also has one week where he does soccer camp from 10- 3 then swim then track. He will be tired. Brynn will do a soccer camp the following week.

We have 2 trips to the coast planned. Ian will be celebrating his 8th birthday, and Ian will be baptized the first Saturday in Aug. Lots of things for me to keep you posted on.